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Amy Stewart Hale

Welcome To PennDragon Studios

Amy Stewart Hale is a working professional artist that has owned and operated PennDragon Studios since January 1990. Amy started this company in Chicago nearly 30y ago, and her early focus became custom interior design paint treatments, murals, and trompe loi. During that time period, she was privately training as an hand skilled illustrator with Ray Shlemon, Art Director, Chicago Tribune, and Dick Tracy through a mutual sponsor.
After moving to the Atlanta area in 1995, Amy continued to pursue her passion in Art through PennDragon Studios..She moved to Las Vegas in 2011 and Amy's focus is now on building her show resume and creating new works..
Along the way she's developed and mastered many skills including:
Painting (Acrylic, and various Faux-Finish Techniques)
Illustration (Pencil, Colored Pencil, Charcoal, Pen and Ink, Marker, Watercolor, and Airbrush)

Amy is now beginning to explore Computer Graphics and Interactive Multi-Media.

Amy's worked with and apprenticed under many professional artists during her career, including: Jerry Nissen, John and Sue Dutcher, Nancy Bartush, Ray Shleman, William Alexander, Jr., Paul Michael Alexander, William Harris, Sylvia Long, Roger Sawhill, Stanis Kodman, and Berwin Hung.

She values every bit of knowledge that she's found,  received, and continues to gain on this journey of Life and Art.

Amy has always said, " A wish is the foundation of one's goals, attaining those goals are the fulfillment of one's life."

Thank you for taking time to explore her life's works.

Please visit often, as she will continue to add to her collection.

Amy Stewart Hale, @PennDragonArt's
Skills Include:

Painting, Master of Acrylic (Heavy Body) wet and dry brush techniques on various grounds.
Painting, Master of Faux Wood and Stone Techniques including Mahogany, Oak, Marble, and Granite
Painting, Master of Rag Treatments including: Rag on, Rag off, 3+ Color Treatments, Foils and Metallic
Painting, Master of Faux Linen, Denim, and Stenciled Baroque Silks
Painting, Master Venetian Plaster Treatments
Painting, Master of Trompe Loi Garden Scenes using all skills listed above.
Painting, Master Muralist
Illustration, Master Colorist/Hand Techniques including watercolor
Illustration, Skilled Airbrush Technique (AB Turbo, and VL)
Drawing, Master of Graphite
Drawing, Master of Charcoal
Drawing, Master of Watercolor Pencil
Drawing, Skilled at Colored Pencil
Drawing, Skilled at Ink, pens/markers
Design, Master Interior Finish Treatments, including dimensional treatments (Venetian Plasters).
Design, Master Interior Mural Elements
Design, Master of Color Theory, Interior Design
Design, Skilled at Concept/Layout Production for Print
Design, Skilled at Book Building
Multi-Media, Intermediate Adobe Photoshop
Multi-Media, Basic Adobe Illustrator

_____________________Charitable Focus/Mission Statement
Amy believes an artist’s job is to give in ways that create a better world for people within their family, their community, their state, their nation, and their world…
She is grateful for the ability she has through creation of art, and Amy believes that it is her duty to work toward a better society, by living her truths through her work of donation and public appearances to bring awareness to the issues facing women of domestic violence, and homelessness, and sustainable development/building and community projects.
Amy believes fully in supporting various programs that are working to effect change from a grassroots level for human rights and clean energy and she often  donates both completed art for charitable auction, and a portion of her sales.

Currently showing as a Resident Artist with
Inside Style Designer Showroom
1119 S Main St, Las Vegas May 2014 - present.

New Art Shows Opening Most Months on First Friday, please watch Amy’s Social Media for updated information about show locations and times. 

In 2018-2019, Amy has several shows planned with Oasis Medical Community Center located in Downtown Spaces, 1800 Industrial, Las her social media for info.

____________________Shows listed in order from most recently closed:

October at Community Oasis, Civil Rights In Crisis, The Black & Brown Struggle with Live Art Sessions all Month,  October 2018

The Goddess Show, Random Alchemy at The Arts Factory, August 2018

First Friday Pop up at ReBAR Las Vegas,
July 2018

The Skin Show at The Corner Gallery, Southwing at The Arts Factory Las Vegas,  June 2018

The Circus Show at The Corner Gallery, Southwing at the Arts Factory Las Vegas, May 2018

Out Of The Box Show, Mix It Up Gallery at The Arts Factory Las Vegas, May 2018

Solo Art Show with Route 91 Strong Benefit  at Community Oasis, Downtown Spaces Las Vegas, March 2018

Vegas Strong Benefit Pop Up ReBAR Las Vegas First Friday, Nov 2017

The Urban Lounge At The Arts Factory Las Vegas, Sept 2017 - Jan 2018

Community Oasis, Downtown Spaces Las Vegas, August 2017

Community Oasis, Downtown Spaces Las Vegas, January 2017

Twisted Artist Gallery at The Arts Factory, Las Vegas, November 2015-Dec 2016

Main Street Moto, Las Vegas, April 2016-Nov 2016

Downtown Crown at The Arts Factory, Las Vegas, Feb 2016-Dec 2016

Bar+Bistro at The Arts Factory Las Vegas, Feb-June 2015

Eden Gallery, Las Vegas, NV October 2014-April 2015

Skin City Body Painting, Las Vegas, NV
"Through The Rabbit Hole" Dec 2014

Individual Public Wall at The Arts Factory, Las Vegas, NV June 2013 - August 2014

Skin City Wonder Woman Art Exhibit, Dec 2012

Individual Public Wall at The Arts Factory, Las Vegas, NV March 2012

Individual Public Wall at The Arts Factory, Las Vegas, NV Jan 2012

Smokey D’s Smoke Shop, Las Vegas, NV Nov 2011 - Jan 2012 Solo Show

The Spot Gallery, Las Vegas, NV Oct – Nov 2011

@Twelve21 Gallery Las Vegas, NV Sept. 2011 Solo Show

Art Exchange, Atlanta in conjunction with
Fulton County Arts Council, May 16, 2009

VSA arts of GA "New Looks 2009"

Mint Gallery, Rock and Roll Art Show Feb. 2008

Club 1763, Personal Appearance with Art 2end Saturday each month June-Oct 2007

VSA arts of GA, Starry, Starry Nights Gala 2007, March 19, 2007, sold four pieces for benefit

Art XPlosion Feburary 2007 in Southern Mills Loft Space, curator Corey Barksdale

VSA arts of GA "Make Your Mark 2007", mid January through mid February 2007

Staley’s Grace Art Expo and Bistro, Midtown Atlanta, GA, April 2006 through August 2006

The Gallery, Theatre Decatur, Decatur, GA March 3 and 4, 2006

AKA Lounge, "Into The Clear Blue" Orlando, FL November 2005

Java Genie, Carrollton, GA October 2004

Artwalk, Carrollton, GA 1999-2003

Daniello's Restaurant, Chicago, IL 1994-2002, Permanent Installation of 11 Originals

Around the Coyote, Chicago, IL 1993

Professional references and client list available per request